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Zhongshan Ewater Aquaculture Equipment Technology Limited
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Main categories: Drum Filters; Protein Skimmers; Biological Filters; Aeration Equipment; Ras system
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Recirculating Aquaculture System
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  • The workshop area is 2000 square meters, and 3 sets of factory circulating water tilapia seed and breeding system
  • A single set of parent breeding system has 48 food-grade blue PP breeding tanks, which is a specially designed hatching system for the sinking tilapia eggs
  • Ultraviolet intensity of 40mJ/cm2 ensures the sterilization effect. The incubation system is designed with a second ultraviolet sterilization device, which can kill the water mold in time
  • The water temperature is automatically controlled by the heating and cooling heat pump to optimize the hatching efficiency and the survival rate of seedling cultivation
  • Specially designed low-pressure dissolved oxygen equipment maintains 6-9PPM of dissolved oxygen in the water body and provides the most suitable dissolved oxygen environment for seedlings